Brand Activation Promotional Events

Brand Activation and Promotional Events

Brand activation is a marketing strategy adopted nowadays by most of the business and companies who want to bring focus of media and buyers on their products and services. It is a relatively new method and currently in fashion. It is the process through which consumers are brought into interaction with the product and made to experience real time the positive aspects of the product. In simple terms, it brings life to the product through live experiences forming a positive psychological connection.

Having said that, we at Event Plus, undertake events to activate or promote a brand from various and any part of the industry:

  • Marketing events for shoppers
  • Digitalized campaigns
  • Events held for product sampling
  • Promotional events for consumers etc.

Our brand launches events are strategically ventured and deliver results which are measurable with a strong focus on return on the investment done by the companies. Through our events we are capable of making a virtually unknown product by the general public to a product that is thrust worthy and admired.

Our managers are well suited to figure out the core features of any brand and focus on distinguishing them against the brands competitors in crowded public places through promotional events. These promotional events positively touch the consumers developing positive feelings in their minds for the product which makes them purchase it and also turn into loyal customers over a period of time.

We tap into the consumer’s core passions using unique ideas and strategies. Also our events are so times that it connects with the consumers at the right time and place converting the customer to a permanent user and loyal to the brand.

Our events are so organized as to lend people a chance to experience the product by trying it, get to know it by asking questions about the brand and also participate in the event by one way or the other that makes them feel involved and a part of the product.