Our Event team equips you with trained technicians who work on-site to webcast your event. You simply schedule your presentations and our crew takes care of the rest.

We provide event webcasting services for conferences, meetings and gatherings of all sizes – including the ability to orchestrate large online events or manage thousands of hours of on-demand content for education, training and marketing.

We record your speakers’ audio and video synchronized with their visual aids and instantly stream the presentation over the internet. People can then watch anytime, anywhere – from laptops to mobile devices.

Webcasting utilizes the Internet as a transport mechanism and, as companies already have access, costs decrease while productivity and efficiency increase.

Webcasting is ideally suited for many applications,
the following suggests its vast potential:

  • Meetings
  • Special events
  • Conferences with key partners
  • Discussions with supply chain partners
  • Sales presentations and demonstrations
  • Voting, panel discussions
  • Keynote addresses
  • Training
  • Exchanging real time information

Benefits of webcasting

  • Engage a global audience and make it easy for them to understand and retain your message with streaming audio, video and PowerPoint slides.
  • Reduce travel costs and return valuable time to your management’s schedules while effectively increasing their visibility.
  • Differentiate your company from competitors by giving life to your corporate values and culture.
  • No download required to view your presentation.