Live Event Management Services

Live Event Management Services for Live Events.

It’s your daughter’s wedding is just down the line in 3 months and you still have loads of work pending and don’t know where to start. We at Event Plus step in here. There is a venue to be fixed, caterers to be appointed, menu to be decided, flower arrangements to be looked after, invitation cards to be chosen and printed and timely delivered to the various near and dear one etc. So much work to do. The list of work to be done is more than the people committed to doing it. Fret not, Event Plus Management Company based in Andheri, Mumbai is here to assist you and take charge of the live event and add the needed zing effect of “Plus” that will make your event the most memorable occasion witnessed by one and all.

Live events need preparation and planning well before the event and also continuously during the event. Events like marriages, social functions, awards ceremonies, live entertainment shows, road shows, Brand launch etc. come under the category of live events.

Live events can prove stressful to plan single handed. It needs the support of a team for the various requirements of a live event before the event and also during the event. We have a dedicated team to handle each arena of the live event. We are well –equipped to handle any problems or emergencies with utmost precision.

Hiring the services of a professional live event manager is always recommendable in such situations. We efficiently organise and execute all kinds of live promotional, business and social events and take charge of the whole project from the pre-planning stage to the day of the event until completion.

Our dynamic and talented team of professionals at Event Plus are dedicated in their roles to create memorable experiences for corporate level brands and also private clients. We, at Event Plus are passionate about live events and the excitement that goes along with planning such events. We are committed to deliver unique experiences by delivering unforgettable events which are embossed in the memory of the host as well as the attending guests.

Our specially designed events are a reflection of the personalities of our clients which we acquire with the help of a thorough research on the client’s culture and the values. Check here to know more about the live events organised by us.