Projectors on hire

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We have complete range of Projectors to suit your requirement.
Our fleet of projectors include world’s most leading brands:


From 2000 Lumens to 15000 Lumens,
From SVGA to HDTV resolution,
From LCD to Single chip DLP to 3 chip DLP, We have complete range of Projectors to suit your requirement.

Projector Lens

We have special lenses to adjust the distance between the Projector and Screen. Our Special 0.8 Short throw Lens allows you to project 150 inch diagonal image with only 6ft. distance for back projection.

We also have long throw lenses for theatre projection Save the distance  between the projector and the  screen with short throw special lens

Call us for assistance in selecting the right projector and lens for your event!

Switcher / Distributer / line amplifier / Cabling and Accessories

  • No matter how bright projector you use, without proper switcher and amplification it has got no meaning.
  • We use state of the art switchers from EXTRON USA.
  • We have simultaneously provided 15 projectors and 24 Flat panels for XBOX Launch in J W Marriot, Mumbai.

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