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Road shows run by Event Plus:

Road shows – To the layman, road show is a group of people traveling to different places for the purpose of either entertaining people or advertising their products and services. It is a very effective marketing tool as it generates a wide awareness about the topic of the road show as well as it demonstrates the benefits of your products and services in a practical environment. On a corporate level, road shows or events is an often occurrence to increase their brand identity because it brings prospective customers within reach of their brands and existing customers more loyal towards it. Basically road shows are essential for any company because:

  • Such events promote their brand and push sales through ways other than telephones and e-mails,
  • They sky-rocket the demand generation of your product,
  • Bridges gap between product/company and customers.

Organizing a single event is a stressful job and duplicating the same event over and over from one place to another for many numbers of days across the city, state or country can be another level of stress and hassle altogether. This is where Event Plus steps in!

Event Plus puts together a team of dedicated team of managers, who, according to your purpose of the road show and its needs, will organize and manage and deliver a stunning road show. The core benefits of road shows managed by Event Plus Management are as follows:

  • Step-by-step management of pre-production of your road show event.
  • Professional speaker preparation and rehearsals.
  • Use of advanced quality audio, video and lighting.
  • Provision of one point contact person throughout the event.
  • Option of webcasts provided for live coverage of the event etc.

Our assimilated service offers a consistent outcome at each and every venue of the road show for a guaranteed successful event.