Trade Fair Exhibition Management

Trade Fair Exhibition Management with Event Plus.

Trade fair exhibition are the most budget friendly form of promotion that a company can achieve for its products and services. Besides the benefit of targeting a larger audience, it is also advantageous because such fairs and exhibitions provide a face to face interaction not only with a large number of manufacturers from the similar industry but also the company can showcase their products and its abilities to the various attending distributors, wholesalers, retailers and also the common man. Such events are also important for the participants to understand the current market trend. Know the new and the activities of old competitors and areas of opportunity.

But why do you need the services of event managers?

Trade fairs and exhibitions are global events, with a diverse range of industries organizing it. Every industry has its particular needs and demands which our dedicated service providers at Event Plus are more than capable to comprehend and execute accordingly. Our event managers for fair and exhibitions provide a made to order tailored event according to the industrial need of the business. We adapt a strategically planned approach for designing an event to provide the basic need of an environment of get-together to do business.

We work hand in hand with the fair and exhibition organizers for matters such as deciding the venue, arranging for ads and banners before the event which helps attract more traffic at the fair, designing and set up of the venue, arranging for audio video equipments etc.  This reduces the stress and pressure on the company of organizing such a large scale event so that they can continue with their daily business.

We appoint one of our highly experienced executors in charge of your event who would also be your one point contact throughout the event and also who would manage every aspect of your trade fair and exhibition. In a nutshell, we take complete responsibility of organizing the event, taking care of all- stall set ups, Registration, BTL Collaterals, security etc. This responsibility when managed by us leaves you with ample time to focus better on the core functionality of your business.