Conference Event Management

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What is the first thing that comes to mind on hearing the word conference?

A gathering of a group of people comes together to discuss a common issue for a stipulated period of days. Such gatherings differ in size and purpose but the basic idea of a conference remains the same. Usually, the speakers at the conference are distinguished personalities who are chosen based on their contributions to their respective fields.

Our Role as a Conference Manager


As a conference management service provider we relieve you of the headache of managing the intricacies involved in organizing a conference like:

  • Deciding on the venue of the conference depending upon the date, purpose, and budget of the company
  • hosting the conference.
  • Sending out registration forms for the attendees and special guests, transportation and boarding of the special guests and keynote speakers
  • Designing invites and brochures depending upon the theme of the conference.
  • Creating and maintaining a detailed program
  • schedule the conference and provide the attendees with the same, Managing the name tags and the seating
  • arrangement according to designations attending the conference.
  • Arranging for Wi-Fi connectivity and technical infrastructure

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